How does your company use
advanced technologies to create value?

This has become the defining business challenge of our time; a question that we have become proficient in answering through the use of global data sets, advanced prediction algorithms, and fact-based discovery. By combining our expertise with ingenuity & computational power, we are able to answer complex problems your organization faces.

We don’t believe in our gut or intuition;
we back up our decisions with science.

By working with both business and technology leaders in organizations, we are able to help companies make the right decisions to protect their position, re/pre-establish relevancy, and prepare for the future.

We will work with your organization to build strategic plans that address your industry's challenges, such as how technical and business model innovations shape the growth of the company's core business; the ways in which technology will impact the business; and whether a company should consider entry into the services profit pools of the industry and if so, how.

\DialUp AI

By understanding what your corporation’s future objectives are, we are able to develop a roadmap to achieve goals, specifically by utilizing company, industry and public data. We call our methodology \DialUpAI.

Our DialUp_AI methodology allows you to transform your operating model, so you can move beyond isolated AI use cases toward a company-wide program and realize the full value potential.

A DialUp transformation should occur through a series of bottom-up & top-down actions to create alignment, buy-in, and follow-through. This ensures the successful industrialization of AI across companies and their value chains.

Assess AI ambition and maturity

3 Weeks
_ Assess AI maturity to identify starting position
_ Define the AI ambition, from the top-down, and the relevant strategy
_ Estimate the top-down value to be realized in each area/function

Create transparency on AI initiatives and operating model

3 Weeks
_ Deliver bottom-up transparency on all AI initiatives and enablers
_ If needed: Update the AI ambition

Prioritize gap analysis and initiatives

2 Weeks
_ Conduct gap analysis that identifies the need for action
_ Assess and prioritize the possible initiatives

Outline DialUp_AI transformation program

2 Weeks
_ Map out the general plan, include key initiatives
_ Set up the program managment office

Detail DialUp_AI transformation program

2 Weeks
_ Specify work packages for required initiatives and enablers
_ Define responsibilities, targets, milestones, and resources

Data Science

We use data science and advanced techniques to discover new insights for our clients by focusing on their core business; we apply the data science that allows them to operate more effectively. Whether that means building neural networks or applying ML (Machine Learning) algorithms such as hierarchical clustering, we make sure our clients get the information they need to maximize their value.

"It is deceptively easy to launch successful AI pilots. But fiendishly hard to move toward scaled solutions."

Machine Architecture
Organization Structure
People Management

How to Structure Your Organisation

Despite all the advances in AI technologies, people continue to play an essential role in its successful application. Companies need to hire data scientists and data engineers. And they will need to deploy strategic workforce planning, reskilling, and change management to ensure that AI helps drive a company wide digital transformation.

In a world where humans and machines work in concert, your organization structure must be optimized for both.

  • Deep expertise should be centralized and pooled at headquarters for AI technologies, data governance, platform decisions, and cybersecurity.
  • Centralized in the business units should be the cross-functional teams and access to the complete business data pool needed to develop AI use cases.
  • Managed in a decentralized way—at the shop floor, marketplace, and field level—should be any actions supported by AI.